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Bird Netting & Vine Nets

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We supply bulk bird netting, vine netting, in a range of specifications, to eliminate pest bird species roosting in buildings & raiding your crops.

Common pest species such as pigeons, starlings and sparrows can all carry lice and a range of bacteria causing various health and safety risks to humans. Bird netting can protect you and your property.

Similarly, the physical damage done to orchards and crops from birds feeding on fruit and grains, and the economic impact experienced by the growers, can be significantly reduced or eliminated with the appropriate use of bird nets.


Product CodeNet TypeColourDetails                                              Price (inc. GST)BRD-155015mm Hex 45 g/m2White5.0m x 5.0m – pre packaged$POABRD-15605.0m x 10.0m – pre packaged$POABRD-157010.0m x 10.0m – pre packaged$POABRD-200519 x 19 Square 6 plyBlack100m x 5m Bale$POABRD-201550m x 10m Bale$POABRD-202520m x 20m$POABRD-203520m x 20m$POABRD-204510m x 10m$POABRD-205510m x 5m$POA

Used typically on structures, and can be stretched to fit tensioned cable supported installations.


See below table for our range of vine netting options.

Product CodeNet Type    Colour                Details                                             Price (inc. GST)VIN-150615mm Hex 30 g/m2White6.0m x 300m Bale$POAVIN-151010.0m x 300m Bale$POAVIN-151313.0m x 300m Bale$POAVIN-151515.0m x 300m Bale$POAVIN-151717.0m x 300m Bale$POA

Used typically to drape over vines – NOT for fixing to permanent structures – Guaranteed for 10 years UV stability.

* Note - All bird netting and vine netting will reduce in length as the net is stretched to its full width. When cutting this net bundled (i.e. not stretched out to full width) allow 50% extra length to achieve the final ‘working length’.


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