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Safety Nets

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Key Features

Safety netting on construction sites, in transport facilities, and for unique safety netting applications where falling from heights is a risk (safety fall net).

Falling from heights is the major cause of injury in the construction industry, fall arrest nets can protect your workers. The use of construction safety nets in the UK, Europe and USA has been legislated for many years, and their use has been mandatory and extensive. All Oxley Nets safety nets are manufactured to conform to the European Standard BS EN 1263-1:2002 and are tagged accordingly, and supplied with test swatches for the necessary annual testing and re-certification (which we can undertake). Note that it is important safety nets are installed in accordance with Installation Codes of Practice, and by suitably trained installers.

Scaffold safety nets are also used extensively in the construction industry. Used around the perimeter of scaffolding or temporary fencing, OXLEY NETS scaffold safety netting provides both safety and environmental benefits. Preventing construction materials and other objects falling from scaffolds, our netting provides safety for workers, the general public and adjacent buildings. When combined with construction safety nets, they can also prevent workers from falling through the scaffold from heights. Environmentally, scaffold safety netting or debris nets can help contain dust, dirt and debris within the site whilst adding a level of site privacy and weather protection for workers.

The use of industrial safety nets to prevent injury from falls in a range of medium to high risk situations in the transport industry, chemical industry, energy industry and mining industry is extensive. Oxley Nets has specialist knowledge and experience to allow us to develop with the client dedicated solutions that are both cost effective and suited to your industry's safety needs.

An example of Oxley Nets' development capability is the rail maintenance safety nets supplied to rail carriage manufacturers and rail operators. When deployed in static trains with doors that are fully open during the course of maintenance works and cleaning, these safety nets prevent falls from rail carriages and locomotive doors.

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